What has Daelynn Quinn been up to?

So I’ve been taking a break from blogging over the past couple months. I just posted my first Author Spotlight of the new year yesterday, so go check it out. What else have I been up to?

Check out my new writing desk!

Check out my new writing desk!

This month I bought myself a new writing desk. It’s called a FitDesk and apart from my sore bum, I love it! I’m sure most writers can sympathize, but I spend too many hours of the day sitting and needed a way to get in some extra activity. With this I can merge my writing time with working out. While I don’t do all of my work here, it’s a nice change of scenery.

Currently, I’m about 35k in to my  novel. Yes, this is the same novel I worked on (or didn’t work on) during NaNoWriMo. It’s a slow process, but I’m extremely happy with what I have so far. The first act is completed, and going into the second act I feel that the pace is just right. It was going slow for a while and I think that is because the book starts out with some very intense and action-packed first chapters before slowing down for some character development. I’m predicting the final word count to be somewhere around 80-90k, but we’ll see.

Also, I’ve been thinking a lot about what to do with this novel when I’m finished. At my mother’s suggestion, I’m considering going the traditional route and submitting to agents/publishers. I like self-publishing, but traditional publishing will actually get my book in front of more readers, so it’s worth a try. This also means having to shell out for a good, professional editor. Now, I’ll admit that in all but one of my previous novels I committed the cardinal sin of editing my own books (gasp!). Yes, yes, I know. Go ahead and throw the stones. But apart from a few minor typos, I don’t think I did too badly. And to be honest I simply couldn’t afford a good editor, or an amateur editor for that matter. So I’m going to start saving up now. Maybe I should start a Kickstarter campaign?


About Daelynn Quinn

I'm an author, artist, and mother to three crazy little boys. I feel at home in nature, especially amongst trees. Writing and painting are two of my intense passions, sometimes accompanied by a box of wine. And I have a Monty Python sense of humor. Albatross!
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