Slow and Steady

Hey! Long time no see . . . er . . . write.

So last month I failed miserably at NaNoWriMo, finishing at only about 15k words. To be honest, I pretty much gave up halfway through the month. I knew way before I began that the chances of me reaching 50k were nil. There was simply too much going on in my life, between a 10-year anniversary weekend getaway to a family Thanksgiving gathering, not to mention my kids having an entire week off school for the holiday. I simply didn’t have the time.

I probably could have gotten more done than I did, but I chose not to push myself. I notice that when I force myself to do anything that I am unmotivated to do, the result is always poor. And this novel is my baby, not a racehorse. I want to nurture it and allow it to grow and flourish. That means taking my time and doing it right. The story is at a down point right now, with more character development than action, so it’s important that I spend more time cultivating my ideas so I don’t resort to the dreaded “info dumps.”

That’s all for now. The holiday week is over and I finally have real time to write, so I will take advantage of it while it lasts!


About Daelynn Quinn

I'm an author, artist, and mother to three crazy little boys. I feel at home in nature, especially amongst trees. Writing and painting are two of my intense passions, sometimes accompanied by a box of wine. And I have a Monty Python sense of humor. Albatross!
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