Author Spotlight: Hildur Enola

This week’s featured author is Hildur Enola.

Icelandic Love

Six Icelandic love stories, ranging from sweet romance, to the horrors people can do in the name of love.

Love can move mountains, but can it also cheat death? Can it get you to commit a crime? Would you leave everything to be with the one you love?

The Diamand Necklace
A sweet love story
Icelandic Honey – A Prize-Winning Tale
Creepy but tender
A Friendly Turtle
She did it for love
Mine Forever
A dramatic love story
Night After night
A sentimental love story
Somewhere Sometime Again
She couldn’t let him go

This is the second book that the authors, Sirry Sig. and Hildur Enola, have written together. Love in all of its shapes and forms is the subject of this book. The only common element that all the stories have is that they are all more or less set in Iceland.

“Phew, read Icelandic Honey and have got the chills and goose bumps but it was still a beautiful story… :)”
Bergljot Hreinsdottir, Writer

Author Bio:

The Icelandic author Hildur Enóla is a real bookworm, and good fantasies are her favorite. She has a day job in home nursing to pay the never ending bills. She leads a quiet life alone, except for all of her invisible angels and demons, fighting for her attention.

In 2009, she started writing with the author Sirrý Sig.—a partnership that has proven to be very productive, inspiring, and great fun. Together they run the website where they have interviews, articles, and stories, and where they also promote other authors.

”One Thing Led to Another,“ published in 2012, was their first joint published work; next came, ”Icelandic Love“ in 2013. Both books are a collection of short stories, and they were published both in Icelandic and English. Hildur Enóla translated the second book. They made tiny clumsy Halloween book trailer last year, based on their first book. It’s only 47 seconds long, and it‘s here if you want to take a look.

This October, 2014 their illustrated children’s book, ”The Green Monsters” will be available as a print on demand.

They are always adding to their website; check it out:

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