Camp NaNoWriMo Update

I just thought I’d write a short post about my progress on my current novel, Neverland Academy. I’ve reached over 28k words, which is a big accomplishment considering I was only about 10k in when I started a little over two weeks ago. I’m about halfway through the story and I’m looking forward to writing the climax. That said, I’ve hit what I like to call my “20k slump.” This happens every time I write a book. Somewhere between 20k and 30k I hit a roadblock. Sometimes it’s writer’s block. Sometimes it’s a flaw in the story. Sometimes there is something going on in my personal life and it has absolutely nothing to do with the book (like three family birthdays in one month…yay April). Okay, those last two were just excuses–it’s always writer’s block!

So that’s where I’m at now. I know I need to push through this scene I’m stuck on, then I’ll be good to go. The action will really pick up from there on out. “Just write something,” I tell myself. I can always go back and change it in the second draft. And I probably will.


About Daelynn Quinn

I'm an author, artist, and mother to three crazy little boys. I feel at home in nature, especially amongst trees. Writing and painting are two of my intense passions, sometimes accompanied by a box of wine. And I have a Monty Python sense of humor. Albatross!
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2 Responses to Camp NaNoWriMo Update

  1. angiedet says:

    I’m sitting at just under 23,000 and am hoping to push through this hurdle today by forcing myself to just write something. Anything. Best of luck breaking through the 20k wall!

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